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Lemelson's Stermer Vineyard by Thad Westhusing

Lemelson’s Stermer Vineyard by Thad Westhusing

Willamette Valley Fact card

With basic information on geography, weather, varieties, and AVAs, this card also includes a chart titled Farming for Quality with vine spacing and wine quantities per acre, barrel, vine, etc. View the PDF

Oregon Pinot noir workshops

The following materials are courtesy of Oregon Pinot Camp. Each year, OPC hosts an invitation-only trade event in the Willamette Valley that includes educational workshops on the topics below. These workshop materials are from the 2014 Pinot Camp and are available for your reference:


The winemakers of Oregon Pinot Camp share their stories and thoughts on the mystique and reality of Pinot noir. Learn how it all began more than 40 years ago, how it developed, where we are today, and what entices more winemakers to Oregon every year in pursuit of the perfect Pinot. View the PDF

The Multiple Personalities of Oregon Pinot Noir

Oregon winemakers explore the influences of vintage, place and philosophy on Oregon Pinot noir. Learn how the winemaker's vision, vineyard characteristic and the diversity of vintage impact this highly expressive grape. View the PDF

Oregon pinot noir: Winemaking Deconstructed

The challenge and responsibility for the winemaker is to make the best possible wine. At each step, from picking through bottling, the winemaker chooses between various options to move closer to that goal. Examine the production of Pinot noir in Oregon and the decisions faced by winemakers. View the PDF

Hunting the great white

Pinot Noir is easily the singular red wine focus in this great cool climate, but white wines are a source of equal passion to many Oregon winemakers. Investigate the bright, fresh fruit of these complex and imminently ageable white varieties that have captivated many of us. More and more, these wines will define us as the region evolves to be as well known for white as red. View the PDF

Farming for Quality: Growing Great Pinot Noir

This vineyard workshop explores Oregon's progressive cool climate viticulture. Learn in detail from Oregon's best grapegrowers how our farming practices and decisions are fine-tuned to achieve balance in the vines and fruit. See how sustainability choices impact and enhance the vineyard eco-system. View the PDF

Soil into Wine: Digging Deeper into Pinot Noir

Crucial to understanding sense of place is knowing the geological history and diverse soils in which Oregon wines are literally rooted. See the effects that soils have on viticultural and winemaking decisions and how this impacts the taste of the wine. View the PDF

Reference Section

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