Winemaker Q & A


We caught up with some of our vintner friends and asked them their favorite things about Cellar Season.

Jerry Murray (Owner & Winemaker – Project M Wines)

PROJECT M is the vision of owners Meg and Jerry Murray. That vision has been clarified and refined over their combined 30 years of professional experience in winemaking, marketing and sales.
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Q. Where’s your favorite place in town to grab a hot toddy or other winter cocktail?

Here in McMinnville I can always count on Patrick at Thistle to create something appropriate for the weather. I’ll give him rather vague directions like “rye” or “sunny” and he never disappoints. Never.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about winter?

A. What I love about winter is that it’s the “low point” of the cycle. Life slows down and turns inward. Being a Midwesterner and have lived in the South and Southeast I can say Oregon winters are pretty easy to love.

Q. What wines and foods are typically around your table this season?

A. Winter for us means roots and braises. I try to get the family to eat seasonally but if you expect a six-year-old to live off of turnips and cabbage it will be a long winter.