Why Cellar Season?

#WVcellarseason – January 1, 2019

Once January hits, it can feel as though all of wine country has paused to catch a breath, and it’s not as easy to see what’s happening in the very important next step of the winemaking process… Read full article

At Montinore, Maialata Celebrates Food and Life

#WVcellarseason – february 27, 2018

For centuries, the people of rural Northern Italy have taken advantage of the darkest time of year by processing pigs into charcuterie, and sausage, ribs, and roasts that would keep over the harsh winter. This community task ended with a feast celebrating family and hard work… Read full article

Oregon Chardonnay Shows Its Diversity

#WVcellarseason – february 27, 2018

Chardonnay has spent the last several years in the midst of a worldwide rebirth, and Willamette Valley Chardonnay is no exception. While “cool-climate” Chardonnaya response to the ABC (“anything but Chardonnay”) refrain that emphasizes high acid and minimal oak and malolactic influenceshas been emerging for several years in places like New Zealand and Niagara… Read full article

Cellar Season in McMinnville

#WVcellarseason – february 13, 2018

Both an AVA and one of the best wine country towns in America, McMinnville is one of the Willamette Valley’s true gems. February is the inaugural Taste McMinnville Month, a chance to explore the history, shopping, dining, and wine tasting experiences the town known affectionately as “Mac” has to offer… Read full article

Crab R. Stuart

Celebrating Oregon Crab

#WVcellarseason – february 8, 2018

Willamette Valley Pinot noir has its perfect local match on land in Oregon truffles, but when pairing our local Chardonnay, Pinot gris, and Pinot blanc, we look to the sea… Read full article

Stefan Czarnecki in the woods with a rake

On the Truffle Trail with Stefan Czarnecki

#WVcellarseason – january 31, 2018

The western Loire has Muscadet and oysters; Sardinia has Cannonau with pancetta and sheep’s cheese. Oregon is synonymous with Pinot noir, and its most precious and distinct food counterpart is truffles... Read full article