2020 Membership Renewal

Submit the following form to renew your membership in the Willamette Valley Wineries Association for 2020. The renewal deadline is January 30, 2020. Please contact the office with any questions: 503-297-2962 or info@willamettewines.com.

  • Eligibility According to Association Bylaws

    To be eligible to be a Winery Member, an individual or organization must: 1. Have production or marketing facilities in the Willamette Valley that produce or sell wine made from Willamette Valley AVA vinifera grapes under a brand name owned by that person, and that meets one or more of the following requirements: a. holds a TTB permit as a bonded winery and an OLCC winery license, or b. is a second location (as defined by TTB) of a licensed Willamette Valley winery as described in sub-paragraph 1.a above, or c. has obtained a grower's sales privilege license from the OLCC, or d. has wines produced for its brand under an agreement with, and on the premises of, a licensed Willamette Valley AVA winery as described in sub-paragraph 1.a above; and 2. Have sold wines commercially in the year prior to application.
  • Dues Information

    Your 2020 membership dues are $725 plus $.06 per case* bottled in 2019 with a cap at $6,000. (*9 liter equivalent cases, from ANY vintage, bottled in 2019.) After submitting your 2019 case production, you will receive an invoice from accounting@willamettewines.com for your full dues amount. The invoice can be broken into monthly payments at your discretion, due in full by April 30, 2020. You may call the office to pay by credit card: 503-297-2962.
  • case = nine liters
  • Winery Information for Brochure

  • This will be listed in the Guide to Willamette Valley Wine Country brochure. You will be limited to 250 characters. This is separate from your website listing.
  • These will be listed as icons in the brochure. Select all that apply. (Press shift or Command key and click each line to select.) For sustainability, all major certifications apply.
  • Some browsers are having issues with selecting Winery Features from the list above. If you need to, please type out your winery features here (only options from the list above apply).
  • Please list any certifications you have (LIVE, Demeter, Organic, etc.)
  • For Our Office

  • Your winery has the option for a second public listing with the WVWA for the Public Tasting Room Address, in addition to the Winery Address above. The second listing is $650 per year in addition to your primary winery member dues.
  • Where is your wine produced, if not at the winery address listed above?
  • Winery Contacts

  • By submitting this form I confirm that I am renewing membership in the Willamette Valley Wineries Association for 2020 and agree to pay membership dues. Please enter the name of your winery's principal.



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