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Morgen Long

After seven harvests on three continents in five years, Seth Morgen Long returned to his home state in 2013 to establish a winery with a singular focus on Willamette Valley Chardonnay. His self-taught approach to winemaking remains inquisitive and integral, starting from the premise that small details are of great importance. After working as closely as he can to the vine with the farmers, his goal is simply balancing the craft of classical, dogma-free winemaking with a discovery of the authentic expression of grape, time & place.

What he does as a Chardonnay winemaker starts in each vineyard, each harvest, paying attention to the uniqueness, even within sites, which might be captured and translated into wine. His aim is crafting wines which reach beautiful heights, and are built with deep, honest moorings. From picking, to pressing, to managing ferments, each moment, his work is to be present to what is already brilliant, energetic & redolent, where the density of soil, wood, earth & fruit is alchemically fused with the weightlessness of air, leaf, light, mineral, aether.