Craft Wine Company 213 N Yamhill Street Carlton, Oregon 97111

9am-5pm Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm most weekends. Reservations recommended.

Craft Wine Company

We produce three brands at Craft Wine Company:

Omero is the building block of our small company, a label that pays homage to the history of the Willamette Valley and the founders of the wine industry here. We take a fresh, simplistic approach to creating affordable and delicious wines by traditional methods, without additives. We display the ingredients on the front label for transparency.

Minimus is our research and development brand, beginning as a series of experiments meant to push the boundaries of winemaking and viticulture and explore the possibilities in this diverse region. We use a variety of fermentation vessels, and work with as many different cultivars and clones as we can, often producing experiments that will never be repeated.

Origin exists to give us the opportunity to showcase wines so special to us that we want to isolate and highlight them as individuals, rather than blend them into larger production. These wines will be different every year. If we don’t discover the unique wine in the cellar that compels us to bottle it as an individual, we may not make an Origin series in that vintage.

Craft Wine Co. is where we bring it all together, a space where we feel free to experiment, and have fun; a place to question the direction of the Willamette Valley wine industry and the wine industry as a whole. We pride ourselves on making authentic wines, be they one-off experimentations, special occasion wines, or everyday wines for the dinner table. Our winemaking across all three of our brands is intentional, minimalist and focused on small lots with little intervention. Using native yeasts and little to no new oak, we attempt to allow the purest expression of this unique and diverse region.