265 South Fifth Monroe, OR 97456
541-847-5934 www.broadleyvineyards.com

Thursday-Sunday 1-5pm (weather permitting) thru August 20th; curbside pickup Saturday & Sunday 1-4pm

Broadley Vineyards

Broadley Vineyards is a family owned and operated winery. Craig and Claudia founded the business in 1981 and began planting the estate vineyard when Morgan was 11 years old.  Morgan and his wife Jessica are now the second generation in Broadley Vineyards, their two daughters; Olivia and Savanna also contribute to the family business. 

Our estate vineyard is farmed using sustainable farming practices including using sheep to mow our vineyard's ground cover & weeds when appropriate. We also use organic material to promote healthy growth in our vines.  Sustainability is a part of our daily life and we believe it is essential for our future. 

We believe that good wine is first made in the vineyard. At Broadley, Pinot Noir grapes are harvested from several designated blocks on the estate vineyard including, Claudia's Choice, Marcile Lorraine & the Jessica block. More Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes are sourced from hand selected vineyards that also use meticulous farming methods in order to harvest the healthiest fruit the vintage can bring.

Wooden fermenters impart unique qualities to our wine. When wine is fermented in wood, it gives a richer and deeper complexity to the finished wine. We also use whole clusters in fermentation when the vintage ripens the fruit's stems and the flavor and intensity of the fruit is there. This adds structure and character to the wine. 


With years of experience brings wine growing wisdom. We searched hard to find the right site to produce our wines. We found our ideal site on a warm site within a cool climate. To date, 33 planted acres in the warmest and driest part of the Willamette Valley, just outside the small town of Monroe. 


Broadley Vineyards is located in an area known locally as the "banana belt." The warm air and dry conditions are ideal for maturing Pinot Noir grapes. We don't have to struggle to obtain ripeness, and we tend to be able to wait for optimum flavor development before we pick.


Our soil is a vital component for our vines ultimate character. Our red volcanic Jory and Hazelair soils give us good drainage without excessive vigor, as well as a good compliment of minerality and spice that can be tasted in our wines.


Another unique aspect in our estate vineyard is our use of the lyre trellis system. This approach splits our canopy into two walls of grapes, giving them better sun exposure and air flow for healthy ripening.