Wine Tasting Tips

Plan your route ahead. Visit wineries that are in close proximity to limit driving. Call ahead to confirm hours.

Get a designated driver!  For a carefree day of tasting…it’s the prudent thing to do.  Take advantage of local tour services that are fun and affordable.

Avoid wearing any perfume, cologne or heavily scented lotions. It will interfere with your tasting experience as well as the experience of those around you.

Spit…like the professionals. Or use dump buckets that are often placed on tasting room bars. It’s the cool thing to do. You will be able to taste more fantastic wines.

Ask a lot of  questions. This is your opportunity to educate your palate and learn more about the wine making process. Tasting Room staff are friendly and love to share their knowledge with guests.

Explore a new wine tasting region.  Likely you’ll experience less congestion and you’ll have a great time tasting new wines! Check out our wine tasting routes for some ideas.

Likewise, try a new type of wine or “varietal” during your wine tasting.  You must taste the Valley’s signature Pinot Noirs, but don’t be afraid to try something new. You may like it!

Visit small wineries and larger wineries to enjoy a variety of wine tasting experiences.  Chat with winemakers in an intimate setting, taste from the barrel or enjoy some live music and specialty food pairings.

Don’t miss out on special discounts and offers at wineries during tasting events. And, if you discover a winery you really love, consider joining their wine club. You’ll likely receive discounts, exclusive deals, access to special releases and free tastings.