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LEFT COAST ESTATE  |  “Suzanne’s and Marcella’s Polenta Lunch”

“This is a simple, delicious, healthy and quick preparation of polenta, red peppers (yellow would have added more color), tomatoes and celery. Cooking time is close to zero, in a hot skillet, primed with olive oil, Italian, of course, preferred. Pasta can be substituted for polenta. And while I prefer a red wine pairing (the current 2017 vintage of Cali’s Estate Pinot Noir is perfect) you well know you can cross those borders according to your tastes. I have earlier added the spice of a homemade salsa, and our White Pinot, the newly released 2019 perhaps our best ever, held up deliciously against the spice.”

– Suzanne Larson, Family Ownership

Suzanne's and Marcella's Polenta Lunch

There is the easy and the easier way to put this delicious, colorful, vitamin C rich dish on your table. 

Easiest: Ready made, packaged polenta on your grocery shelf. This is what I used as my base here. No fat, no cholesterol, gluten free. No need to refrigerate pre-use.
Easy: Marcella Hazan's No-Stir Polenta. Fast, delicious every time, with a bit of good background there on polenta from The Kitchn.


  • polenta homemade or store-bought (see above)
  • 1 large tomato
  • 1 large bell pepper red, green or yellow
  • 1 stalk celery


  1. If using ready-made polenta, slice and sauteé in olive oil, Italian of course! You can add the diced vegetables and finish in the same pan. Marcella's version will be creamier, especially if you add in some mascarpone.

  2. Top with the vegetables.
    Perfect with the 2017 Left Coast Estate Cali's Cuveée Pinot Noir. Or Left Coast's White Pinot Noir holds up beautifully against the spice of a homemade salsa added to the mix.