News about the Willamette Valley

2018 Wine Harvest Report: Oregon and Washington Vintners Are Pleased Despite a Hot Summer

Wine Spectator – December 17, 2018

Welcome to Wine Spectator’s 2018 Wine Harvest Report, our coverage of Northern Hemisphere wine regions.  Read full article.

Van Duzer Corridor AVA now official – december 16, 2018

The Van Duzer Corridor AVA in Oregon’s Willamette Valley has been officially approved by the TTB, the US regulatory body. Read full article.

A New Era for U.S. Wine-Labeling Laws

SevenFifty Daily – November 26, 2018

Recent disputes find winemakers and legislators reconsidering America’s laissez-faire attitude toward veracity in wine labeling.  Read full article.

Record-Breaking ¡Salud! Auction Raises More Than $1 Million

¡Salud! – November 14, 2018

The 27th ¡Salud! auction season raised a record-breaking $1 million to provide healthcare and outreach to vineyard workers and their families. Read full article.

Wine Spectator: Oregon’s Pinot Nouveau

WINE SPECTATOR – October 23, 2018

The next wave of Willamette Valley Pinot noir stars includes nascent projects from industry vets and an artistic up-and-comer. Read full article.

Wine Enthusiast: Eugene, Oregon, Is For Wine Lovers

WINE ENTHUSIAST – October 18, 2018

Oregon’s Emerald City is the perfect base to explore the southern half of the Willamette Valley and taste some of the region’s smaller producers. Read full article.

The Drinks Business: Oregon: Game of Thrones

The drinks business – October 10, 2018

If Napa Valley is considered the King of American Cabernet Sauvignon, why can’t the Willamette Valley be crowned Queen of US Pinot Noir? Roger Morris reports on a coronation in the making. Read full article.

Forbes: Oregon’s Wine Industry Goes From Strength To Strength

The Robb Report – september 27, 2018

2017 proved to be a banner year for Oregon’s growing wine industry as it continued its upward trajectory from strength to strength. Read full article. 

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