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Memorial Weekend from Wine Country


This year, Join us from anywhere.

It’s springtime in wine country! In the spirit of our long-running Memorial Weekend event, we invite you to join us for Memorial Weekend from Wine Country. We will be sharing the Willamette Valley virtually in the weeks leading up to this holiday weekend. And don’t forget to check out our Virtual Experiences to see individual wineries’ special online events.

Our wineries are slowly beginning to reopen under the Governor’s Phase One Reopening guidelines. Be sure to check out our reopening guide to learn what to expect from tasting rooms during this time.



We’re bringing wine country to you. Each week beginning April 28 and culminating on May 25, we will be featuring a selection of very special Willamette Valley wines on a theme, with a direct link to purchase. 

Week Four (May 18–25) is all about New Releases!


Red Hills Market is a staple in Dundee. THE best food and laid back, wine country vibe. If you've been, then you totally know! Breakfast, lunch, charcuterie, wood fired pizzas...you just can't go wrong here! It's also the perfect pit stop to curate a picnic for a day of Oregon wine tasting. Well next time you stop in redhillsmarket be sure to scan the shelves for Rue Cler Wine! At Red Hills Market not only is the food fantastic, but you'll find an extensive wine selection. And now rueclerwine is in the mix! You can grab our 2018 Pinot Noir, 2017 GSM and 2019 Rosé! Can you believe it? We can't tell you how much this means to us to have our wines here! In February 2019, before we had a drop in bottle, Aaron and I sat at RHM and sketched out our very first wine label. To have our wine now sitting on their shelves is
monumental! Our dream come full circle. A huge thank you to Michelle and Angelica at redhillsmarket for taking the time to taste through our wine line up and for bringing in Rue Cler as one of their own. Cheers to new wine friends and creating connection over a bottle.

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The days are long but the years are short, might as well enjoy a nice glass of wine. Lately I’ve been enjoying this Rose from stollerwine! After the babes are in bed I like to pretend I’m actually at the vineyards instead of tripping over Hot Wheels as I make my way to collapse on the couch. Thank you so much #stollerwines for providing me a mini-escape back to Oregon (especially since I was pregnant when I was there and couldn’t partake). Want a mini getaway to the vineyards from your living room? Use code STOLLER to save 15% #drinkstoller #wvwines #oregonwine ...

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Amigas today we are featuring Christina Gonzales owner and winemaker of gonzaleswinecompany 🚺 Christina is based in📍Oregon 🇺🇸. She is fearless leader, ❝the granddaughter of migrant farm workers from Texas who moved to Wisconsin in search of a better life. In 2001, while backpacking through Argentina, Cristina fell in love with the grape, Malbec. She returned to the United States and spent a decade learning the winemaking craft through hands-on experience of internships and wine production positions around California, Oregon, Tasmania, and Australia. Cristina founded Gonzales Wine Company in 2010 to celebrate the inspiration behind that first glass of Argentinian Malbec. Her approach to winemaking centers around an appreciation for the vineyard stewards tending the vines, respect for the land, a minimalist approach, and the beauty of her Mexican heritage.

➡️Follow Gonzales Wine Company here ➡️ gonzaleswinecompany🥂🔥❤️
🚺We support latinas in wine! To be featured by Latinas Wine Club tag us on your photos latinaswineclub & hashtag #latinaslovewine ❤️🔥⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

‼️Remember on September 15th I will go live on Instagram with Erlinda from thevinicola to start the celebrations of Hispanic Heritage Month

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‼️Hot off the press: NBA superstar CJ McCollum of the Portland Trail Blazers will be the 2020 Ambassador for the annual Willamette: the Pinot Noir Auction, the annual trade auction which opens today.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Currently in Orlando, Florida, McCollum is sheltered inside the “NBA Bubble" which, according to ESPN, has been importing wine from the outside world far more than any other refreshment. 3jmccollum has long been a fan of Willamette Pinot noir and is the region’s newest winemaker, having announced the launch of his own wine brand heritage91wine in partnership with adelsheim a few months back.
The Blazers play the Dallas Mavericks today at 3:30 PM PST, and we'll be tuning in because we have a new favorite player #RipCity 🏀

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Do you see it? Jackson discovered the slightest hint of veraison out at tenpeaksvineyard and it is oh so sweet. The grapes are beginning to ripen!
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Happy wine Wednesday wine lovers!

We continue to introduce Oregon wine to you. The wine of the day is viognier we discovered on our most recent visit to Willamette Valley winery Dominio IV

Viognier Still Life 2019 by dominio4 reflects the winemaker's artistic personality. Patrick Reuter, the winemaker, and the co-owner of Dominio IV, not just makes wines, but designs labels for each bottle as well. 

"Still Life" 2019 is made with the Viognier grapes sourced from Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley. It was aged in 100% neutral barrels.
Typically, we taste the wine first and later check the back label for the winemaker's wine notes. We were surprised how close our description was to what we read on the label.
We sensed the aromas of tropical fruits, lemon flesh, white flowers, and apricot skin. On the palate, it's dominated by peach, orange, and lemon.
"Still Life" Viognier has a substantial body, higher acidity than we expected, and an orange aftertaste. 

The orange-like profile of "Still Life" calls for appetizers and salads with oranges, tomatoes, and parsley. And we paired it with fish dish accompanied with parsley (see the previous post)

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Another eerie sky at Domaine Divio tasting room, closed today.
Our thoughts go to all the people affected by the fires.
We are very appreciative of firefighters and first responders who work so hard to keep our communities safe.
We should be open on Thursday and look forward to hosting you again soon.
Please contact us to confirm our opening status as we will continue to watch closely air quality to allow for good tasting conditions.
Stay safe.

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A few weeks ago we had the most perfect little Saturday out in the upper Willamette Valley wine country! 😍🍷LIVE on the blog is a detailed account of our visit to both lemelsonwinery + eminentdomaine , two of my faves! But WAIT! Tell me YOUR favorite winery to visit in the comments below 👇+ then head to the link in my bio and check out my latest post! 😘
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“In a state known for its exceptional Pinot Noir, it should come as no surprise that there are some gorgeous rosés...” We couldn’t agree more. 💖 Thanks @ourgrandtour @forbes! Read the story at the 🔗 in our bio, where you can also find and shop our featured wines from Rosé Week! #wvwines #roséallday ...

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40 down...175 more to go! ...

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“I guess the precipice of reopening is there, someplace, for all of us businesses. No JKC immunity, we too have debated it coolly, planned it cautiously, and are going to leap, opening our doors to you, after the holiday weekend has lived its moment in the sun.⁣

— Jim Prosser, owner/winemaker”⁣

It is decided! We are ready to cautiously open our doors to friends of the winery, wine club members, and the general wine-loving and collecting public by reservation beginning Friday, July 10th. 🍷 ⁣

We’ve created four different and semi-private tasting spaces, so everyone can sip our wines comfortably and safely. As much as we’ll love welcoming you and your smiling faces, we ask that you wear a mask in accordance with the state mandate when not seated for your tasting. It is a precaution to ensure the safety of all of our guests, and we thank you in advance.⁣

To book your return to Parrett Mountain, visit the link in our bio. We’re so looking forward to welcoming you back.

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Did you know that there are two new AVAs in Oregon?
Tualatin Hills and the Laurelwood District are located in the northern end of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, in the heart of Oregon’s Pinot Noir producing zone.

The 33,600-acre Laurelwood District AVA covers the northern slopes of the Chehalem Mountains AVA, including Cornelius, Scholls and Sherwood.

Laurelwood soils consist of a fine windblown soil called loess. It consists predominantly of silt-sized sediment formed by the accumulation of wind-blown dust and was produced by the grinding down of basaltic and other volcanic rocks by glaciers during the last ice age.

This soil produces Burgundian styled Pinot Noir wines with flavors of cherry, blackberry, and spice. These wines are lighter and elegant with well-defined tannins. They are different than the earthier, more robust, black fruit centered styles of Oregon’s sedimentary soils.

The 144.000-acre Tualatin Hills AVA is the northernmost location within the Willamette Valley.

The AVA petition, filed in 2015, was led by Alfredo Apolloni of Apolloni Vineyards, Rudy Marchesi of Montinore Estate and Mike Kuenz of David Hill Vineyard and Winery.
The petition to the TTB to recognize the unique geology of the area and its iconic wines, was made in 2016 by Ponzi Vineyards and Dion Vineyard.

We have tasted wines from both AVAs, but now we plan to make a tasting comparing them to other sub-regions of Willamette Valley.

What is in your glass today?

(the photo was taken in a different part of Oregon)

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For more than a decade, the Willamette Valley Wineries Association has been honored to work with Portland-based artist John Fisher for original Memorial Weekend in Wine Country art.

John pairs his artistic vision with years of graphic design experience to create inspiring, sophisticated landscapes and figurative work. His landscapes have a definitive sense of place, allowing you to feel the emotion and mood of the day with his intuitive use of color and brushwork. The shifting force of weather has a profound impact on his work and ability to capture the soul of the Pacific Northwest landscape. John is an art director and designer in Portland, Oregon, originally hailing from Omaha, Nebraska. A graduate of the University of Kansas Fine Art program, he developed a passion for landscape painting while exploring the back roads and open plains of the Midwest. When not in the studio designing, he is likely to be roaming the countryside, capturing Northwest landscapes on canvas.

Read more about the artist

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