willamette valley harvest 2017

Marketing Toolkit


Harvest is captivating. The culmination of months of effort in the vineyard, the hard work, the camaraderie, the exhaustion mixed with excitement, the gorgeous change of seasons, the fun events… We want to tell your harvest story.

Hashtags & LINKS

Harvest 2017 page: https://willamettewines.com/harvest


1. Post events to the calendar

Click here to submit your harvest events: willamettewines.com/add-event

2. Tag Photos and videos for our social stream

Use #wvharvest2017 and #wvwines in your posts so that we can re-share and add them to our social streams.

3. submit your winemaker Q&A

Pick five questions and have someone on your team (winemaker, vineyard manager, intern, principal) submit answers. This is a great way to engage consumers in a behind-the-scenes harvest story. Submit here.

4. Send in a harvest recipe

Whether it’s the harvest lunch that draws your entire team around a big table in the field or the intimate dinner celebrating the local bounty of the season, we want to feature your favorite recipes! Paired with your wine, of course. Submit here.

5. send in your harvest playlist

Share your spotify playlist with us. We’ll promote your winery and your personality by letting visitors know what jams keep you going on your longest harvest days. 1. Create an account. 2. Create a playlist. 3. Make sure to use your winery’s name in the playlist title, so it displays correctly. Also make sure your playlist is public. 4. Once your playlist is made, click the “Share” button (the circle with three dots), and select “Copy embed code”. 5. Email that embed code to: info@willamettewines.com.


If you have a professional photographer on-site during harvest, upload your photos for us to feature on web and social. You’ll need to agree to the use terms on the upload form here.

Social Media

Instagram & Twitter & FACEBOOK

Tag all posts with #wvharvest2017