Helping Willamette Help Portland

2017©Lola GomezAs close neighbors to the city of Portland, where homelessness has risen at twice the national average, Fullerton Wines, Raptor Ridge, Hamacher Wines, and Blizzard Wines, joining with the Inn at Northrup Station, chose to dedicate their 2018 Portland to Willamette Loop to providing shelter and resources to the city’s most vulnerable residents.

They’ve partnered with Transition Projects Portland, an award-winning nonprofit organization that provides critical support to Portlanders experiencing homelessness.

“Portland has garnered a reputation as one of the top places to visit and live in the United States. The Willamette Valley wine industry has helped raise the reputation of Portland, and the Willamette Valley broadly,” says Matt Wieland of Fullerton Wines. “However, this recognition comes with consequences for those struggling to make ends meet.” He adds that Transition Projects is a leading local nonprofit fighting the housing crisis in Portland.

“Through the Helping Willamette Help Portland loop, we can together help fight homelessness and housing insecurity,” says Wieland. “Your support of the Helping Willamette Help Portland loop enables our community to grow stronger while also supporting family-owned, independent wineries in the Willamette Valley. Wine for the win!”

At Fullerton Wines, a portion of all tasting fees from April through June will go to Transition Projects. Other members are offering either a portion of tasting fees or a special flight; ask your tasting room associate how to donate.

Transition Projects provides services including pathways to employment, education, shelter and counseling to more than 10,000 people each year. On any given night Transition Projects provides a safe shelter to around 800 people. For a look at homelessness in Portland by the numbers, check out this Transition Projects Portland Homelessness Snapshot