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July 14, 2020 @ 11:30 am
Domaine Drouhin Oregon
6750 NE Breyman Orchards Rd
Dayton, OR 97114
Kateland Drouhin Harvey

While the landscape of travel has shifted in 2020, we can still embrace culinary adventure! In that spirit, we’ve created Passeport du Monde, our first-ever weekly culinary series. Starting on July 14, we’re partnering with local Oregon chefs each Tuesday & Thursday for lunches & dinners that celebrate the flavors of 16 different countries. Expert wine pairings, ranging from the familiar to the surprising, will feature curated selections from Maison Joseph Drouhin, Domaine Drouhin Oregon and Roserock. Delicious is always the goal.

Enjoy this opportunity to unite with friends and family for a journey around the world with DDO, at DDO. Each event will be limited by design to keep us all safe.

More details and available reservations to come soon! Please fill out the form on our website to express your interest in joining us on a journey around the world!

Wineries Participating in this event

Library Offerings - Library (older-vintage) wines available for taste and/or purchase
Food Pairings - Food pairings by in-house chefs, food trucks, etc.
New Releases - The winery will be debuting a new release wine.
Special Projects - The winery will be showcasing seasonal Nouveau-style wines, side projects or something else that's not in their usual lineup.
Family-Friendly - The winery has a designated activity or play area for kids and a nonalcoholic beverage option.
Live Entertainment - The event will include a live band or singer/entertainer.
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