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November 1, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Boedecker Cellars
2621 NW 30th Ave
Portland, OR 97210
athena m pappas

Mindfulness is a way of being, living life in the here-and-now.  Come learn how promote your mental and emotional health through the joy of mindful wine tasting!   Lower stress and anxiety,be more aware and present in your everyday life.

In this class you’ll learn to tune into your mind-body connection as you learn to mindfully evaluate wine in your glass, all in a gorgeous hip urban winery setting. 

Wineries Participating in this event

Library Offerings - Library (older-vintage) wines available for taste and/or purchase
Food Pairings - Food pairings by in-house chefs, food trucks, etc.
New Releases - The winery will be debuting a new release wine.
Special Projects - The winery will be showcasing seasonal Nouveau-style wines, side projects or something else that's not in their usual lineup.
Family-Friendly - The winery has a designated activity or play area for kids and a nonalcoholic beverage option.
Live Entertainment - The event will include a live band or singer/entertainer.
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