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August 6, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Fullerton Residence
SW Mt Adams Dr
Portland, OR 97239
Matt Wieland

Longtime friend of the Fullerton family and winemaker Alex Fullerton, chef Jamie Cady will partner with Fullerton Wines for an unforgettable evening. Jamie has worked in restaurants throughout Portland and loves incorporating many styles and ingredients into his cooking, primarily focusing on French and Asian cuisines.

After attending the University of Oregon, he transitioned to Portland and attended culinary school at the Oregon Culinary Institute to pursue his lifelong passion. Since then, he has garnered experience with technique and taste through stints at Carafe, Ping, and Natural Selection, as well as a two-year Sous Chef position at the Pearl District restaurant The Bent Brick. He currently works at Aviary in NE Portland.

When: 5:00-8:00pm on Sunday, August 6th

Location: Fullerton Residence

Club Member Pricing: $70 Cork Club, $60 Five FACES Club, $50 Cellar Club


Smoked trout, trout roe, brown bread crisp, dill     

2015 Three Otters Rosé

Chilled sweet corn soup, lobster, heirloom cherry tomato, celery, breadcrumbs

2014 Three Otters Chardonnay

Steak tartare, soy cured quail egg, puff pastry, black sesame powder  

2014 Five FACES Pinot Noir

Grilled squid, Chinese sausage, gochujang romesco, nori mustard seed vinaigrette, rice cakes, nasturtium flowers  

2015 Fir Crest Pinot Noir

Confit pork shank, black bean sauce, salsa verde, corn, sweet peppers

2014 Momtazi Vineyard Pinot Noir

Whipped ricotta, fresh fruit, pistachio crumble, burnt honey gastrique, Thai basil

2015 Five FACES Chardonnay

Please call 612-554-0356 or email matt (at) fullertonwines.com if you would like to purchase more than 2 seats to this event.

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