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Great Listens


Our winemakers and winery representatives have been featured on some pretty amazing podcasts, channels and publications. Now’s the perfect time to get to know them better. 

This list isn’t exhaustive—it displays recent and winery-submitted episodes only. So if you find a new podcast you love, dig deeper, and don’t forget to rate and review them to show your support! 


I’ll Drink To That

Episode 478: Jason Lett is Not at Peace

Episode 469: Mimi Casteel Thinks Your Sustainability Sucks. Try Again.

Episode 465: Ken Wright Went Looking for Aroma

Episode 456: Ehren Jordan Has Eyes for Oregon

Episode 454: Blending for Beauty with Maggie Harrison

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Podcast Site

Interpreting Wine (Displaying Most Recent Episodes)

Episode 399: John Grochau, Grochau Cellars

Episode 384: Doug Tunnell, Brick House Wines

Episode 396: Chris Williams, Brooks Wine

Episode 395: Adam Campbell, Elk Cove Vineyards

Episode 394: Harry and Wynne Peterson-Nedry, RR Wines

All Coverage from Willamette Valley Trip

Podcast site

Life Between the Vines 

Episode 330: David Specter, Bells Up Winery (listen here; video below)

Episode 351: Steve Lutz, Lenné Estate (listen here; video below)

Episode 321: Tom Fitzpatrick, Alloro Vineyard (listen here; video below)

Episode 355: Ian Burch, Archery Summit (listen here; video below)

Episode 352: Scott and Annie Shull, Raptor Ridge Winery (listen here; video below)

All Willamette Valley Episodes

Podcast Site

Northwest Wine Night

Episode 135 Featuring Bells Up Winery

Northwest Wine Radio 

Episode 277 – A Tasting Room with a View Featuring Furioso Vineyards

Oregon Wine History Archive 

Jessica Mozeico of Et Fille Wines

John Grochau of Grochau Cellars

Melissa Burr of Stoller Family Estate

James Cahill of Soter Vineyards

Clare Carver and Brian Marcy of Big Table Farm

All Oregon Wine History Archive Episodes

Read Between the Wines

Episode 32, Remy Drabkin from Remy Wines

The Simple Kitchen

November 12, 2017 Featuring Bells Up Winery

SoCal Restaurant Show

Episode 361 Featuring Steve Lutz, Lenné Estate (two-part series)

Episode 345, Featuring David Nemarnik, Alloro Vineyard (two-part series)

Podcast site

Tractor Time

Episode 38: Mimi Casteel and Regenerative Wine

Podcast site


Janie Brooks Heuck of Brooks Winery


Episode 76: Janie Brooks Heuck of Brooks Winery

The Voice of Wine, vintage, with Brian Bushlach

April 2, 2020: Featuring Stoller Wine Group President Gary Mortensen


Weekly Wine Show

Episode 96 Featuring Alloro Vineyard

Episode 95 Featuring Lenné Estate

Wine Crush Podcast

Season 3, Episode 3 Featuring Jessica Mozeico of Et Fille Wines

Season 3, Episode 2 Featuring Bill Sweat of Winderlea 

Season 2, Episode 13 Featuring Tres Burns of White Rose Estate

Season 2, Episode 7 Featuring Ariel Eberle of Yamhill Valley Vineyards

Season 2, Episode 2 Featuring Dave Specter of Bells Up Winery

Podcast Site

Wine curmudgeon

Episode 49: Janie Brooks of Brooks Family Winery and enduring the pandemic

Wine Soundtrack

Podcast site

Winery Podcasts

In the Dirt by Bill Sweat of winderlea WInery & Vineyard

Season 1 Episode 1 (ft. Robert Brittan)

All episodes

General Willamette Valley topics

The Four top with Katherine Cole

Special Episode: Assemblage Symposium