Dundee Hills AVA

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The first grapes in the Willamette Valley were planted in the Dundee Hills, and it remains the most densely planted locale in the valley and state.

Within the 12,500 acres of this almost exclusively basaltic landmass that runs north-south and overlooks the Willamette River to the south and the Chehalem Valley to the north, more than 2,220 acres of grapes are planted in approximately 100 vineyards. It is approximately 30 miles to the southwest of Portland and 40 miles east of the Pacific Ocean, with protection from the ocean climate provided by the higher Coast Range of mountains.
Dundee Hills Wineries



Quick Facts

Established: 2005 Wineries: 28
Tasting Rooms: 32
Vineyards: 98
Total Area: 12,605 acres
Planted Area: 2,226 acres
Most common grape varieties: Pinot noir (69.5%), Chardonnay (5.75%), Pinot gris (2.23%)


Dundee Hills Winegrowers’ Association