Willamette Valley AVAs

No grape variety is as reflective of climatic and site differences as Pinot noir. That is why it demands a cool climate to thrive and why small distance differences in the valley often yield wines of distinctively different character. General attributes that make the Willamette Valley suitable for cool climate grape growing include the protection afforded by the Cascade Mountains to the east, Coast Range mountains to the west and a series of lower hill chains to the extreme north of the valley. Almost all grape growing is done on lower hillsides, avoiding deeply fertile alluvial soils and cooler hilltop mesoclimates.

It is on these hillsides that Pinot noir uniqueness is found and where apparent families of wines urge distinctive American Viticultural Area identification. In 2002, a collaborative action of vineyards and wineries delineated and submitted to the TTB petitions to divide much of the northern part of the large Willamette Valley AVA into six more specific AVAs: Chehalem Mountains, Dundee Hills, Eola-Amity Hills, McMinnville, Ribbon Ridge, and Yamhill-Carlton. The Van Duzer Corridor AVA went into effect in January 2019, and the Tualatin Hills and Laurelwood District AVAs (details coming soon) were approved in June 2020.

Chehalem Mountains AVAEST. 2006

The Chehalem Mountains AVA is a single uplifted landmass southwest of Portland in the northern Willamette Valley, extending 20 miles in length and 5 miles in breadth, stretching from southeast to northwest. It includes several discrete spurs, mountains and ridges, such as Ribbon Ridge and Parrett Mountain.

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Dundee Hills AVAEST. 2005

The first grapes in the Willamette Valley were planted in the Dundee Hills, and it remains the most densely planted locale in the valley and state.

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Eola-Amity Hills EST. 2006

Two of the predominant influences on the characteristics of wines from the Eola-Amity Hills are shallow soils and the Van Duzer Corridor. The soils of the Eola-Amity Hills contain predominantly volcanic basalt from ancient lava flows, combined with marine sedimentary rocks and/or alluvial deposits, making a generally much shallower and rockier set of well-drained soils which produce small grapes with great concentration.

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JUST ANNOUNCED: Laurelwood District EST. 2020

This new Willamette Valley nested AVA has just been announced by the TTB! Details coming soon; read the press release.

Coming Soon: Discover the Laurelwood District AVA

McMinnville EST. 2005

The McMinnville AVA of nearly 40,500 acres sits due west of Yamhill County’s seat, the city of McMinnville. It extends approximately 20 miles south-southwest toward the mouth of the Van Duzer Corridor, Oregon’s lowest coast range pass to the Pacific Ocean.

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Ribbon Ridge EST. 2005

The AVA is distinguished by uniform, unique ocean sedimentary soils and a geography that is protected climatically by the larger landmasses surrounding it. Paucity of aquifers forces most vineyards to be dry farmed. Ribbon Ridge is contained within the larger Chehalem Mountains AVA.

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This new Willamette Valley nested AVA has just been announced by the TTB! Details coming soon; read the press release.

Coming Soon: Discover the Tualatin Hills AVA

Van Duzer Corridor EST. 2019

The Van Duzer Corridor is an anomaly in the Coast Range through which oceanic winds funnel into the Valley, creating a cooling effect that occurs as early as 2:00 in the afternoon. This breeze dries out the vine canopy and decreases fungus pressure, making the area highly attractive for grape growing and supporting sustainable practices by drastically reducing the need for fungus spray. As a phenomenon of wind protection, the grape skins thicken, leading to an abundance of anthocyanins (color) and tannin.

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Willamette Valley EST. 1983

A large AVA of 3,438,000 acres (5372 square miles), running from Portland in the north to Eugene in the south, it includes rich alluvial soils on the valley floor, that are great for agriculture but inappropriate for high quality grapegrowing, and a selection of volcanic, loess and sedimentary soils on hillsides of varying mesoclimates. Discover the Willamette Valley AVA

Yamhill-Carlton EST. 2005

North of McMinnville, the foothills of the Coast Range create an AVA of nearly 60,000 acres, centered around the hamlets of Carlton and Yamhill.

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Willamette Valley Visitors

Keeper of the Barrels, Princess of the Pinot ♥️ We love her cool demeanor and are always thrilled when her mother, Winemaker Katie Santora brings her to work at the winery. 🍷🐾 Happy #nationaldogday Mani!

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5 of the World's Top Wine Regions Where Women Are Leading the Scene - Sip the finest vino in the world's best women-led wineries. Cheers to our own Katie Santora and Stoller's Kate Payne-Brown for their amazing wines and trailblazing spirit 🍷read article from departuresmag 🔗 in bio •

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The best pairing... 😏 Wine & books 🍷📖 My favorite season is around the corner... ...

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Vineyard team members at work. 

Doyle and Darcy have a nose for vines and enjoy their morning vineyard walks. 

As we prepare for harvest activity and monitor our fruit for ripeness, we remind everyone on the roads to be cautious. With extra truck traffic and valley visitors, we encourage everyone to take it slow and be safe. 

Doyle and Darcy wish all of our industry colleagues a safe and fruitful harvest. Sláinte!  

Photo credit: Andrea Johnson 


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🍷Albariño Davide, how could possibly not be good?😂⁠
Bodega Davide⁠
A blend of Albariño and Godello coming out of small parcels of land, low yields and high concentration. ⁠
It is located right in the middle of Rias Baixas, in val do Salnes.⁠
. ⁠
Produced following the rules of natur and biodynamics.⁠


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Winemaker, Katie Santora and her dog, Mani headed up to walk the Ridgecrest Vineyard this morning and sample some of the ripening fruit. Planted in 1990, Ridgecrest was the first vineyard in what would be the famed Ribbon Ridge AVA. Located in a cooler microclimate, Ridgecrest tends to be about a week later – from bud break through harvest – than our other estate vineyards. It is planted to seven different Pinot Noir clones. The wines from this site tend to be big and brambly, with black-fruit aromas and flavors like blackberry, and black cherry. A wine club favorite, we can’t wait to see what the 2020 vintage brings!

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We believe that there’s a better way to do business. That’s why Chehalem is proud to be a Certified B Corporation! This means we’ve met the highest verified standard of social and environmental impact. You can follow our community of businesses acting as a force for good at bcorporation

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Chehalem's first-ever sparkling wine was tiraged a couple of weeks ago. The process generally takes 3-5 years before disgorging and release, but we are looking forward to joining the sparkling wine game!

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Sokol Blosser, next right! Whether you're planning for a wine country weekend or you're heading to the Oregon Coast, stop by and visit us for a taste. 🍷 #gowinetasting #wvcellarseason #redredwine ...

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Has your wine club membership ever been rewarded with a custom etched 3 liter bottle of wine? Last year we drove down to Carlton Oregon for the Ken Wright Cellars Ten Year Anniversary Party. Surprisingly, our membership was rewarded with this bottle of wine. 💥 For real!!! That is the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine. When the hubby first saw this, though, he was a little worried that it had his name on it instead of mine! 😂 ⁠
Even though this year is a little different without big celebrations, we're so happy for the great memories. Today on the VinoSocial blog, I write about our experience as members. Read more via Linkin.bio and leave a comment about your fave wine club!⁠

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Peak fall 🍁 is happening in the Dundee Hills. Come take in the beauty of this wonderful time of year. 📸 viagemdevinho ...

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"Good Day Sunshine" 🎶 ...

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