Tools of the Cellar Trade

#WVHARVEST2017 – NOVEMBER 13, 2017

It takes more than great grapes to make great wine. From must plungers to tri-clamps, we break down the tools of the trade.. Read full article

Two Vintners on Blending


Blending a wine is a bit like mixing paint to create the perfect color. That color reflects the winemakers interpretation both of the site the fruit came from and his or her idea of what a wine should be.. Read full article

Tests, Trials and Tabulations

#WVHARVEST2017 – OCTOBER 24, 2017

Adelsheim Vineyard’s Associate Winemaker, Gina Hennen, explains how winemaking “scratches both sides of her brain”.. Read full article


#WVHARVEST2017 – OCTOBER 19, 2017

Dick Ponzi, who started his career as a mechanical engineer, has brought many of his inventions to his winery. Read full article

The Falconer

#WVHARVEST2017 – OCTOBER 9, 2017

The wine industry draws all types, from burnt-out pharmaceutical reps to engineers to musicians. For many, the pathway arrives in the form of an unforgettable glass of wine, often enjoyed abroad. For Kort Clayton, the connection to wine was forged by the wings of a well-trained bird of prey. Read full article

Supply & Demand

#WVHARVEST2017 – OCTOBER 5, 2017

As recently as the mid-1990s, the Willamette Valley was without a true winery supply shop. Discover how one man changed that. Read full article