12251 SE Dayton Bypass Dayton, OR 97114

Hours: March-November, Thurs-Mon 12-5, or by appointment.

Siltstone Wines

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Joel and Louise Myers are the owners of Siltstone Wines. With sons Joey, John and David, they operate a small family owned wine label which produced it’s first vintage in 2000 with the Guadalupe Vineyard Pinot noir, followed by Guadalupe Pinot gris and Hyland Vineyard Riesling. Joel began working in vineyards in the Willamette Valley as early as 1968 and is an experienced vineyard manager and grower of premium fruit. Since 1984 Joel and Louise have operated Vinetenders, a vineyard management company that oversees approximately 400 acres of the most exceptional vineyard property in Oregon.

Joel and Louise welcomed the opportunity to produce wine under their own label. All Siltstone Wines are labeled as “Vinetenders Selection” which, like winemaker’s reserve, or barrel select designations, indicates Vinetenders’ deep commitment to actively participate in all levels of wine production from the vineyard to the bottle.