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Mahonia Vineyard

Mahonia founder and owner John Miller began planting the 11-acre vineyard in 1985. Working closely with Vineyard and Enology experts, he hand-selected the clonal material that best suits the hearty and volcanic Jory and Nekia soils of the vineyard’s site. The result was an unusually diverse planting ranging from classic Pinot noir selections, such as Pommard, to one of the earliest Oregon plantings of Dijon material, including 113, 114, and 115 for Pinot Noir, and 76 and 96 for Chardonnay.

The vineyard is trellised using a cordon training system that allows for optimum production and fruit quality. We proactively thin the vineyard to balance yields, and aim for crop levels in the 2.0 – 2.5 tons per acre range. This ensures ripening and flavor development that maximizes the quality of each vintage.

In our first years, our fruit was best known for small lot production, highly collectible, Mahonia Vineyard designate wines made by legendary Oregon winemaker Russ Raney under his Evesham Wood label.

Between 2005 and 2008 our fruit was used to produce small lots made exclusively from our fruit, marketed for the first time under the Mahonia Vineyard label. Production ranged from 50–100 cases. These wines were beautifully crafted by Russ Raney, and because of the superb quality they disappeared quickly.

In 2009 our production increased to approximately 400 cases made by winemaker Aron Hess (Daedalus Cellars).

Today our grapes are entrusted to winemaker Chris Berg (Roots Winery & Vineyard). Chris’s ability to express the unique habitat of our vineyard site has produced spectacular results. Our 2010 Pinot gris has been described by sommeliers and top wine buyers as the finest Oregon Pinot gris ever! The 2010 Pinot noir and Chardonnay promise to continue this trend.