Authentique wines capture the essence of my family's biodynamic and stellar organic farmed vineyard, Keeler Estate, planted on a southwest sloping hillside in the Eola-Amity Hills AVA.  The soils are an ancient ocean bed exposed by glacial lake outbursts from the Missoula floods and volcanic events.  Our panoramic vineyard is surrounded by oak groves, fir stands, outcroppings of sandstone boulders embedded with seashells, running streams, waterfalls, ponds and an abundance of wildlife.  A thriving ecosystem.  

To the west and southwest lies Oregon's coastal mountain range where fresh pacific ocean winds blow through the Van Duzer Corridor cooling our vines nestled on a pristine hillside near the small town of Amity.  These are some of the rare and unique elements that contribute to the foundation and energy of my wines.

Nicholas J. Keeler, Owner & Winemaker