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washington post - oregon terroir

Oregon terroir is multidimensional

The Washington Post – September 17, 2013

Jay Somers was talking dirt. Hardly had we shaken hands when he started pointing to the ground and describing the various soils in his vineyard: marine sediment here, iron-laced volcanic soils there. Or something like that. Read full article

2013 LA Mag Steve Kepple

Sipping & noshing your way through the Pacific Northwest’s most storied wine region

Los Angeles Magazine – September 12, 2013

If you were thinking of establishing an easygoing friendship with a grape, pinot noir wouldn’t be your first choice. It’s temperamental, thin-skinned, and fussy. Fortunately Oregon’s Willamette Valley, where some of the best bottles of this varietal are produced, is pinot’s polar opposite. Read full article

2013 Voodoo Vintners Seattle Times

Meet Willamette Valley’s ‘voodoo vintners’ and taste some magical wine

Seattle Times – July 13, 2013

Near Portland, a growing cadre of biodynamic growers buries cow horns and plants grapes by the light of the moon. It’s kind of a voyeuristic request of a “biodynamic” winemaker, but I found I couldn’t resist asking every one I met: “Can I, uh, see your cow horns?” Read full article

2013 Fodor's Penner Ash

Wine Lover’s Weekend in the Willamette Valley

Fodor's – May 8, 2013

In the northwest part of Oregon, the rain of winter has tapered off, the sun is shining, and the state's largest wine producing region is ready for a new growing season. With more than 200 vineyards, tasting trips are the main attraction in the area between early April and harvest in late October. Here's a weekend itinerary that includes superior sips, fantastic food, and just a touch of adventure—all within easy access of Portland. Read full article

Ellen Bhang for The Boston Globe

Fashionable glasses sport Oregon Pinot Noir for spring

The Boston Globe – April 23, 2012

If a big, lush cabernet sauvignon is your winter parka, and a delicate rosé your summer togs, then Oregon pinot noir is that versatile, stylish sweater that carries you through spring. Lithe, vibrant, and fresh, these pale ruby pours, full of tangy cherry and leafy soil aromas, are what we crave with this season’s suppers. Read full article

Diablo Magazine courtesy of Sokol Blosser

Wine Country Northwest: where to stay, eat, and play in Oregon’s Willamette Valley

Diablo Magazine – February 25, 2013

Sipping pinot noir on the deck of Sokol Blosser’s tasting room, looking out over vineyards that slope gently down the hillside to a line of evergreens and rooftops, I’m only partially reminded of Napa. There’s that same serenity that comes from being surrounded by such stunning beauty and bounty. Read full article

Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Wine Travel Destination 2013: Willamette Valley, Oregon

Wine Enthusiast Magazine – January 8, 2013

The Willamette Valley is a big place, and it’s stuffed with friendly wineries, gorgeous scenery, toy towns and a dazzling array of outdoor activities. Visitors should plan to explore the countryside, not just the main towns. That means lots of driving on twisty, two-lane roads, so try to focus each day’s excursions on a confined area. Read full article

Bob Pool

Oregon’s flourishing wine region

BBC Travel – December 27, 2012

As winter’s cool fog envelops bare grapevines and whispers promises of future fruit, Oregon’s Willamette Valley hums with more wine appreciation than ever before. With a proliferation of hilltop tasting rooms scattered among tiny rural towns, as well as a crush of restaurants with extensive wine lists and top-notch sommeliers, it is easy to compare the region to the way California’s Napa Valley was more than four decades ago, when dirt roads connected small-batch winemakers with big aspirations. Read full article

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